Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Use a Landing Page to Collect E-Mails While Using the Instafreebie FREE Account.
I'm ramping up to grow my mailing list. However, money is tight these days, so I have to get creative with what's free and pay for easier methods later when I can afford it.

If your budget is tight and buying InstaFreebie’s premium account is a little steep for you right now, here’s something I set up for myself to take advantage of their free account. These are the steps…and then below I explain the hows and whys of each step.

  1. Set up a landing page
  2. Create a separate mailing list for the landing page campaign
  3. Create an InstaFreebie giveaway
  4. Create an autoresponder which includes the InstaFreebie link
  5. Extras – take advantage of referrals with additional giveaways.